Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can Floppy disk help resetting password of your windows login ?

I got this error, when trying to login via Remote desktop to a windows machine. I tried hitting the “reset password” link on the login screen and got this message. I was sort of shocked of confused, how can a floppy disk help me now.

use floppy disk to login to windows

Windows users must be aware of so frequent OS updates, on almost all operating systems, ranging from Windows XP to latest Windows 8 developer preview. Still on these so much updated windows operating systems, getting an error message to use Floppy disk is really weird experience !

“Floppy disks, sounds like a stone age storage media now, most of the machines don’t have a floppy disk drive now :))”

Anyway, I respect Microsoft for the awesome Ms. Office and stable windows XP and 7 operating systems.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Searching more in few clicks with Google Search !

Google search is getting smarted day by day, it saves a lot of time for me.

I always use it know the latest currency exchange rates for ex.

 “1 USD  IN INR”

tells you conversions for a US dollar in Indian rupees. As shown below

Google Search 1 usd in inr

Doing currency conversions


Similarly you can know your IP Address, by just searching for

“what is my ip

its particularly useful when you want to know your external IP address. The results are available directly at the top, as shown in screenshot below.

what is my ip in google search

know what is your ip ?


More details about Google IP search here :

More search hints -

Check this page for more cool hints :

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Blackberry curve free with Playbook !

Saw this offer on official Blackberry India web site :

curve 8250 free with playbook

What do you feel about this offer guys ? it reminds me of few popular vegetables, grocery and retail sale schemes like

  • Radio free with Television, refrigerators, etc
  • Getting coriander and green chilly for free with vegetables.
  • Getting hanky & socks for free with suits, trousers and shirts.

Giving a Rs. 10,000 phone i.e. BlackBerry Curve 8520 (White) for free with recently introduced Playbook is clear signs of blackberry failing to sell this tablet, just like the declining phone sales worldwide !

Its really tough call to beat iPad sales at same pricing. This offer might help :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sales & Marketing touch to Java Installers !

Since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems, big noticeable changes are James Gosling leaving Oracle, other giants quitting JCP community process.

Today I saw this marketing touch to the JDK/Java installer, as you can see they have mentioned Blackberry and Kindle, in one of the installer steps. Is this to charm Java developers and tell them your carriers are safe with Java ?


What ever is the reasons, surprisingly they missed Android in this list, which is heavily betting on Java. Oracle might put Android after screwing Google for patents :)

What do you think ?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Apple(Mac OS) too offensive in picking up icon for network PCs !!

Just noticed that Mac OS X Lion is showing other PCs in network with this icon. Please notice that ICON is actually showing an PC crashed out on blue screen of death. More details in red highlights in the image below image:


Isn’t it too offensive for Apple to represent PCs like this ? PCs are not so unstable now, and every OS faces such blue screens Smile