Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are you Windows 7 64 bit ready ?

As we all know that 64 bit computing is a big buzz word now. Many vendors are selling PCs with 64 bit operating system only. Even day to day many apps are moving towards 64 bit computing. In case one is purchasing a new PC, this guide might not be for you. This guide is more for those who are having existing PCs running previous windows versions like Win XP/Vista. Here is my quick checklist for those planning an upgrade.

  • Check if your CPU is 64 bit. In Intel series processors starting from Core 2 Duo and afterwards are 64 bit capable.
  • Check if your manufacturer supports and offers Win 7 64 bit drivers. Don't assume that Vista 64 bit drivers will work with Win7.
  • Check your favorite programs if they have 64 bit versions available. Though Win7 64 bit runs every 32 bit program in some special mode. But the program running in that way never enjoys the true 64 bit power. Windows installs those in a special folder named  "Program Files (x86)".
  • Check the gadget's you use for compatible drivers with Win7 64 bit. Though most of the devices work via USB and are plug & play. Still some gadgets require install of some native drivers to make the gadget gel with PC.
  • You have decent amount of RAM. As compared to 32 bit apps, the 64 bit apps consume little more memory. So make sure you have sufficient of that. You might see more memory visible with 64 bit OS, if  you are coming from a 32 bit system with 4GB+ of RAM installed.

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