Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Google Docs, says “Sorry, sharing is unavailable at this time” !

Today, for first time I got pissed by Google docs service. I have to create and share a spreadsheet with my peer, but I can’t !

All because of strange “Sorry, sharing is unavailable at this time.” error. This error was strange because its coming in Google’s chrome, which is my favorite web browser for a while now.

Here are a couple of screen shots



To solve, I tried cleaning my browser cache etc, still the problem persisted. As I am developer by profession, I tried to see any Javascript errors if coming. Surprisingly I found a couple of them, see the screen shot below:


Why this error is a Show Stopper ?

Because :

  • Its Google Apps account, that is having these errors. Free Gmail/Docs account with these errors could be tolerated for a while.

  • Sharing is key to “Google Docs” success, all beauty of Google docs is killed, if one can’t share. I finally downloaded the doc as Ms Excel document and emailed it.

  • Google Apps, claims they are providing cloud. So that adds huge responsibility to be 100% available on core features, this seems a bug for sure, because of Javascript errors.


I am waiting for this error to be resolved. Lets see what rolls on. Anybody else faced these issues ?


  1. One of my co-workers is having the same issue, and it's a huge problem! We can't collaborate on documents when he can't share anything.

  2. @Wench, this seems to be fixed now. Its oldy :)