Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Can Floppy disk help resetting password of your windows login ?

I got this error, when trying to login via Remote desktop to a windows machine. I tried hitting the “reset password” link on the login screen and got this message. I was sort of shocked of confused, how can a floppy disk help me now.

use floppy disk to login to windows

Windows users must be aware of so frequent OS updates, on almost all operating systems, ranging from Windows XP to latest Windows 8 developer preview. Still on these so much updated windows operating systems, getting an error message to use Floppy disk is really weird experience !

“Floppy disks, sounds like a stone age storage media now, most of the machines don’t have a floppy disk drive now :))”

Anyway, I respect Microsoft for the awesome Ms. Office and stable windows XP and 7 operating systems.

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